From the Studio


Critical Acclaim

“…brilliant recital…Hugo Goldenzweig is a pianist possessing a great temperament, balanced with impeccable technique. A new name among the best performers.” —La Prensa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“…a satisfying performance…a sharply profiles and warmly committed interpretation. Mr. Goldenzweig elucidated textures crisply and cleanly.” —New York Times

“…for a work that is so highly colored in orchestral terms, it came off beautifully in the piano reduction, and credit for this must go to the two pianists for their evocative skill.” —New York Times, about a transcription for piano four hands of Ravel’s “Spanish Rhapsody,” performed with Ana Maria Trenchi de Bottazzi

“…Goldenzweig’s rendition was of incontestable form, evidencing a complete mastery of the great difficulties that exist in this work, which was written for the masters. And in this sense, it was performed with exemplary cleanness and confidence at all times.” —La Prensa, Buenos Aires, Argentina, about Chopin’s Ballade in F Major, Op. 38

“…a strong sense of structure and a strong feeling of that indefinable sense of ‘temperament’…splendid New York premiere…. It is played as if you belive in it whole heartedly, and no composer can ever ask for more than that.” —William Mathias, about the New York premiere of his Sonata No. 1, Op. 23

“…stunning…a superb performance…bright tone, assured musicality, great rhythmic punch, Beethovenesque grandeur…(about Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 109)…completely captured Ginastera’s wayward and searching spirit in all its drama and passion (about Ginastera Sonata No. 1)…warmly lyrical plyaing, his melodies singing clearly, his passage work glistening, and the whole imbued with great spirit (Schumann Sonata Op. 22).” —Review of London Recitals

“…a most satisfying interpretation of the complete Concert Etudes by Liszt (Liszt’s Concert Etudes)…spontaneous inspiration (Mozart Sonata, K. 332)” —Het Binnehof, The Hague, Holland

“…prodigious program…a very personal way of playing…most expressive…” —Palma de Majorca, Spain

“…marvelous pianistic performances by Hugo Goldenzweig, who was not only infallible to the letter but also an artist who knew how to penetrate into the spirit of the new compositions…” —Scherzo Magazine, Madrid, about works by Luis de Pablo and César Camarero

“…there is a deep underlying poetry in the concerto, and it sang—although it hardly seems possible—by Goldenzweig and the whole orchestra…” —Clarin, Buenos Aires, about Alcides Lanza’s Piano Concerto

“…Goldenzweig proved to be masterful in his solo capacity. The diverse moods that the piano evokes—vehement, irate, clamourous, anguished—found him vigorous and subtle in the required degree…” —La Capital, Rosario, Argentina, about Alcides Lanza’s Piano Concerto

“This bravura piece for a violin virtuoso [Ravel’s Tzigane] was performed by Eugenia Choi in an almost circus-artistic security of play. She let the music rejoice, mourn, dance, and this in a virtuosic easiness and depth of shaping, which was captured already in the introductory long solo piece and built up in the play together with Hugo Goldenzweig to a fantastic performance with all refinement of playing technique.”—oberpfalznetz.de